Power Nano Reflector(PNR)

Power Nano Reflector

What the Power Nano Reflector(PNR)?

PNR is a new reflect equipment between tube and lamp base, its main technology is use the principle of light reflection, improve light curvature , with adsorption of Nano-crystals so that the products light reflection up to 99%, the utilization of the light up to its limitation.

However, through the heat reflection of PNR, and combine with the nanotechnology's mutil reflection, we find that the actual lux is 118% by the light box experiment much over the original one, so that heat distributed to light district. Meanwhile, it can avoid the possible problem of shorten lifetime owning to the electronic equipment under high temperature for long time. In addition to energy saving, PNR can extend the lamp's use lifetime efficiently.

Why have to use the Power Nano Reflector(PNR)?

Fluorescent light has been considered as the most common lighting, especially in office buildings, parks, supermarkets, schools, hospitals and the production lines of factory etc. The utilization of light is up to 90%. However, owning to the incandescent tube is cylinder design and its light projection with a 360 degree.

The main reason that Power Nano Reflector (PNR) can be highly reflective is because Pure is applying Nano Optics Technology (by Taiwan) for illuminating. This Nano Optic is the most exact reflective optical flexture that is combined with 95% High Standard Nano Mirror-like coating materials. And thus, JT Energy Saving Light Tubes, Streetlight, and Spotlight together with Nano Reflector can attain the highest standard of luminaries exploitable rate.

As you can see from the figure below, single Power Nano Reflector (PNR) can replace one T8 light tube in each lamp tray and make it even brighter. Thus, with Power Nano Reflector, you can:

  • Save more energy

  • Save more money

  • Reduce the number of light tubes

  • Gain more brightness

  • lower maintenance costs

  • Increase the payback rate

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